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Rows of Fruits to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Are there any fruits that can reduce high blood pressure? Hypertension or high blood pressure does require thorough treatment, including dietary regulation. There are several types of fruits that are believed to help reduce high blood pressure if consumed regularly. Lowering blood pressure and controlling it within normal limits is a way for people with hypertension to avoid complications from this disease. One of them is by consuming fruits that are believed to reduce high blood pressure. Various Types of Fruits to Reduce High Blood Pressure Here are a row of fruit that is believed to reduce high blood pressure: 1. Watermelon Watermelon is one fruit that is often recommended to reduce high blood pressure. A study states that watermelon extract supplements can help people with obesity to control blood pressure. This is because the watermelon contains citrulline, an amino acid that can increase levels of nitrogen oxides in the body, thus helping dilate your blood vessels. 2. Str
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Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair and How to Safely Do It

Apart from making the intimate area cleaner, there are a variety of other benefits that you can get from shaving your pubic hair. But, don't do it carelessly. Know first the benefits of shaving your pubic hair and how to do it safely through the following description. Cleanliness is the main reason someone shaves pubic hair. However, if you shave your pubic hair the wrong way, instead of being clean, a number of problems arise in your intimate area. Various Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair In addition to making the intimate area cleaner, apparently there are several other benefits that you can get by shaving your pubic hair, namely: Increase sexual sensation Some women think that shaving their pubic hair can increase sensation when having sex. However, there is no specific research that discusses the relationship between the two, so this has not been confirmed and is not necessarily felt by all women. Fun couple A study shows that shaving pubic hair can please a partner. Th

Various Ways to Treat Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) are a common disease experienced. This disease arises when the blood vessels at the bottom of the rectum and anus are swollen due to an increase in pressure at the bottom of the abdominal cavity. To help overcome this, consider the various ways to treat the following hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid or hemorrhoid disease can be caused by many factors, ranging from the habit of pushing too strong, sitting too long, lifting heavy loads continuously, constipation, pregnancy, to heredity. Based on the place of appearance, hemorrhoids can be divided into two types, namely: Internal hemorrhoids Inner hemorrhoids are usually not visible from the outside, unless you experience protrusion. These types of hemorrhoids generally appear in the rectum and not cause pain. However, it causes you to experience bloody bowel movements. External hemorrhoids (external) External hemorrhoids form on the outside of the anus. Usually this type of hemorrhoid feels itchy and bleed